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Violet Mirror Acrylic Star Earrings

Violet Mirror Acrylic Star Earrings

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Our earrings are all handmade in-house, so please allow 2-3 days for your order to be processed.

These earrings feature a large star cut from Purple Mirror acrylic.

Materials: Our earrings are made from high quality laser cut acrylic. The studs we use are stainless steel posts.

Size: Each earring (including the stud) measures approximately 6cm long and 4.5cm wide.

Care Instructions - Although acrylic is very durable it can break when dropped so we do recommend treating your jewellery with care. Try not to get them wet, and make sure you take them off before showering or swimming as water can damage and tarnish the metal pieces.

If your earrings require cleaning we recommend using a microfiber cloth to gently remove dust and fingerprints. Don't rub too hard on paint-filled areas as it may wear off the paint, and don't use any cleaning products or solvents as it can damage the acrylic.

*Buyer is responsible for reading ALL shop policies and FAQs before purchasing.


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