"To provide clothing and accessories that is not only affordable, but together with exceptional customer service, creates an experience for our customers from start to finish, and encourages individuality and positive self esteem" ~ Lost Minds Clothing




Lost Minds Clothing was developed and bought to life by owner Cassi Marie.  Cassi is 18 years old, and has grown up with a love for fashion and style.  Her dream was to one day create her own clothing label, and before her 18th birthday, decided that there is no time like the present! 


So, in August 2019, Lost Minds Clothing was established, with the hope of bringing an edgy new label to the industry, that ticks the boxes of being fun, fashionable, and quirky, with just the right blend of basics and limited edition pieces.  Cassi loves quirky patterns and designs, but found a lack of clothing that expressed individuality, without being too expensive, and still wearable on a daily basis.  She worked extremely hard to bring a range to the table that is both fun and affordable.  Cassi is also a musician, and has been performing since the age of 9.  In her downtime, when not singing on stage somewhere, or writing songs, Cassi still found herself miles away in her thoughts, lost in her mind thinking about what she could create next.  This is how Lost Minds came to life.   You can read more about Cassi's music on her website www.cassimarie.com


We hope you enjoy this fun new label!  Please feel free to contact Cassi at info@lostmindsclothing.com with any suggestions or questions, she would love your ideas and feedback, and is only too happy to reply!